Learn To Fly - Frequently Asked Questions

Due to high demand, 2018 training slots are not available with the Utah Soaring Association.

Our goal is to give you the skills and confidence to enjoy soaring and to get you your glider pilot’s license at reasonable costs.
Age Requirements
You must be at least 14 years old before you can fly solo (without an instructor in the glider). The training can start before that. The minimum age to earn a private pilots license is 16 years.
Medical Requirements
No medical is required but you must have no medical problems that would prevent you from safely operating a glider.
Weight Limitations
Our gliders have a usefull load of 400lbs or lower. The combined weight of student, instructor and some gear must not exceed the useful load.
Training Locations
We operate out of four airports (Morgan County, Heber City, Nephi and Logan-Cache Valley.). We will match you with an instructor who operates out of an airport closest to you. You may also take lessons at another airport.
Training Session
Instructors usually schedule one-on-on sessions. A typical session last for about two hours and is composed of ground school or preflight instructions, two or three flights and a post flight debriefing. For best results we like to schedule two or more session per week.
Training Program
Ideally the program starts early in the season. With a commitment of two lessons per week, almost all students complete the training program within one season or three months.
Written Exam
If you do not already have an airplane certificate, you have to take a written exam. The written exam requires extensive self study or an involvement in an on-line course.
The program ends with the private glider license exam.
The last step is to take an oral exam and flight test with a certified FAA examiner.
Number of Lessons
The number of lessons is difficult to predict and depends on many individual factors. A typical student might need between 15-20 lessons. Older students usually more.
To successfully complete the training, you need to make a commitment for a least about two session per week over a period of 10-15 weeks. Some studying between the lessons and before the final exam is necessary.
We make the commitment to provide a glider, tow plane and tow pilot and of course a FAA certificated instructor.
Cost Breakdown
There are basically three components to costs, which include the glider itself, tows, and instruction.
  • You need to join the club before receiving flight instruction, although we can arrange an introductory flight before joining. Club membership covers the cost of the glider. The initiation fee is $500 and the dues are $750 annually.
  • Tow costs depend on how high you go; typical instruction flight tows are in the range of $65.00 - $75.00.
  • The third component of the cost is paying the instructor. Rates are typically $40.00 - $50.00 per hour.
  • A typical lesson lasts a couple of hours and involves three or four tows. Total cost of a typical lesson is $200.00 - $250.00.
Cost Estimate
Beginner students should plan on spending $3500.00 - $5000.00 dollars.
Pilots with a power rating (transitional pilots) about $2000.00 - $3500.00.
Both estimates include intitiation fee and one year membership.
What is a private glider license?
A Private Pilot-Glider license, issued by the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA), allows you to carry passengers and act as pilot in command without being under the close supervision of an instructor. You must be at least 16 years old, pass a comprehensive written test and take and oral and flight test with a certified FAA examiner.
Glider Flying Handbook
A PDF version of the FAA Glider Flying Handbook can be found here.
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