Utah Soaring Association Safety Site

This is the main club site for items pertaining to safety. Bits and pieces of reference materials, articles and links to important websites can be found here.

Club Safety Officer

For all safety related concerns, please contact:
Safety Officer David Cleveland 801-557-9514 Email Adam


If you are not familiar with the NASA safety reporting system, it is well worth your while to educate yourself. One of our club members has created a document explaining the NASA reporting system. This explanatory document may be downloaded and read here.

Listed below are several important resources:

Reporting to the NTSB
If you are involved in an aircraft accident there are several things to consider, including a report to the NTSB. Listed below are several important resources:

SLC ATC Documents and Maps

Documents outlining procedures for communicating with SLC ATC and maps for folks to use in their cockpits.

Safety Box

Eyes Outside, Not On The Boxes!
Be Sharp, Not Complacent
Stall Spins

Safety Articles

Flight Discipline
Human Factors: Article #1
Human Factors: Article #2
Soaring Safety Foundation
Runaway Safety
Safe Soaring
Silly Season