LX S80

Do NOT attempt to load any data into the LX S80! All software, firmware, waypoint and parameter updates are made by the glider steward! If you have any issues with the device, contact your local glider steward for a resolution.

In order to configure the device for SSA/FAI badges and state records look for a specific document that will be published. After it is published the document will be your guidance.

The LX S80 and it's associated LX S80D repeater is a widely used glider navigational flight computer. It is used for flight planning, flight monitoring, navigation, glide path prediction, igc file creation and a whole lot more. For an overview of the device, visit: Lx Nav S80

Electronic devices in the cockpit can be highly useful, and highly distractive. Educate yourself on the use of this instrument prior to attempting to use it in the cockpit! Distractions in the cockpit cause errors. Errors lead to accidents.

Our corporate knowledge of the S80 is limited. We have only a few members who are experienced with this device. As such, our educational database is limited. The LX S80 quick start guide, as well as the LX S80 user manual are available for download on the USA website in the N8485W information page.


Download and print these instructions: Getting Started With The LX S80