How to join the Utah Soaring Association

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Process to Join:

  • Contact us to answer any questions.
  • Fill out and submit an application.
  • Pay the one-time joining membership fee and first month's dues.

After the application and payment is submitted and membership is approved, a check ride with one of the club's FAA approved instructors is required to verify flying proficiency. Once approved, the new member is welcome and encouraged to fly the club ships as allowed by the association Flight Rules.

For questions or more information email us or call at 801-652-6631.

Dues and Fees:

The current dues and fees as approved by the Board of Directors are:

Initial Fee: $500.00
Annual Dues per Season: $600.00 for Active members
Annual Dues per Season: $120.00 for Associate members.

Active members are allowed unlimited flying in club ships with no hourly fee.
Associate members are limited to 14 hours per year in club ships with no hourly fee.

From the Bylaws:

Section 1
The purpose of this Association shall be to provide flying facilities for its members on a nonprofit basis and to encourage their training and interest in soaring.

Section 2
It shall also be the aim of this Association to promote gliding and soaring locally and nationally.

Section 1
Membership in the Association shall consist of six classes: Active, Associate, Family, Affiliate, Inactive, -and Instructor.
Section 2
New members of any class may be admitted to the Association upon the affirmative vote of 100% of the Board of Directors.
Section 3
Active Members; those who have been accepted into membership by the Board of Directors, pay their initiation fee and monthly dues, hold the status of Active Member. Active Members are entitled to vote on Association matters, hold office and have unrestricted use of Association equipment as regulated by Bylaws and Flight Rules of the Association.
Section 4
Associate Members; Owners of, or part-owners of a sailplane, with a maximum limit of three (3) part-owners, other than club equipment may join the Association under the same terms as Active Members and with the same privileges , i.e. voting, right to hold office, use of gliders, etc., with the exception that no monthly dues shall be paid. Instead, the Associate Member will pay the original initiation fee and an annual nominal payment established by the Board of Directors to defray mailing and Association activity costs and to support the promotion of soaring in Utah. The use of Association gliders by Associate Members shall be limited to 14 hours per year and any additional use shall be paid for at an hourly rate established by the Board of Directors.
Section 5
Family Members; Members of an Active or Associate Member's family (spouse or children) may hold the status of Family Member with the same privileges as an Active Member. Those who have been accepted by the Board of Directors as Family Members will pay no initiation fee but will pay the regular monthly dues as established for Active Members.
Section 6
Affiliate Members; Persons interested in soaring and Association activities and who through their support wish to help to further the promotion of the Association and soaring in Utah, may participate as Affiliate Members. A nominal annual fee established by the Board of Directors will add their name to the mailing list for newsletters and invitations to Association activities. Affiliate Members do not have voting or flying privileges.