Trailers and Towing

This page contains information on trailer use. The club has several trailers, none of which are identical. Some can be used for both storing and towing the Twin II and the Twin Astir. Some can not. Trailer #6 is used only for storing and towing the Pilatus B4. Operation of each trailer is unique. Unless you are highly familiar with the operation and use of the trailer you are using, please consult the information on this page carefully.

Some of the links on this page are duplicated on the club website page concerning the assembly and dis-assembly of the particular gliders. Trailer particulars are integral to assembly and dis-assembly. For this reason, a link on this page may identify a document as pertaining to an individual trailer. When you download or read the document, it may contain information on how to rig or de-rig one of the club gliders. Rest assured, helpful information about the trailer you seek will be contained in the document.

Trailer Towing
In order to help prepare for trailer towing, we have documents available to help you on your way! Select the link below for the appropriate trailer.
Trailer 1 Towing Checklist
Trailer 2 Towing Checklist
Trailer 3 Towing Checklist

Trailers and Glider Rigging and De-Rigging Towing
As mentioned previously, these documents provide some insight on how the glider is secured into the trailer. Obviously, the security of all contents in the trailer is paramount!
Trailers 1,2 and 3: Twin II Rigging and De-Rigging
Trailers 2 and 3: Twin Astir Rigging and De-Rigging:
Trailer 6: Pilatus PC11-B4 Rigging and De-Rigging: