Rigging and De-Rigging

This page contains information about how to put together and take apart the various club gliders. The use of the information available from the glider flight manual, as well as information from the documents available on this page should make your assembly and dis-assembly go smoothly. Ensure that everyone present is properly briefed on the risks involved. Sometimes it's easy, sometimes not. Either way, take your time, be careful and have fun!

The club owns three different types of gliders. The Twin II and the Twin Astir both share the same G-103 model identification. Despite sharing the same model number, they are uniquely different. For this reason, the club has developed separate documents for the assembly and dis-assembly of these gliders. Make sure you use the correct document. Pilatus B-4 is much different than the Grob 103. It should be immediately obvious if the wrong instruction are being used.

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A final word of caution. The flight manual for each glider is the official resource that should be used when attempting to assemble and dis-assemble these ships. The manufacturer was not consulted, nor did the manufacturer approve the documents developed by the club. The documents available on this page were created over years of trial and experience. The information contained within should be considered advice only. If you have any doubt, make sure there is an experienced member on site during the entire process.

Rigging and Derigging Documents

The authorized flight manual is the offical source document for the assembly and dis-assembly of any glider. Individual flight manuals may be found on the aircraft information pages. Vist the side menu and select the glider you are interested in under the Aircraft, Trailer and Equipment menu. The flight manuals can be found at the bottom of each glider information page.

The club developed documents can be found in the links below: