Pilatus B4-PC11, N65332, Performance Summary

The data on this page are gathered from the factory published owners manual and are deemed to be correct.
However, it is the pilots sole responsibility to verify and fly the a/c within the limits of factory published information.

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Weight and Balance (with oxygen tank installed)
Empty Weight 566 lbs.
Maximum Weight 770 lbs.
Maximum Useful Load 204 lbs.
Minimum front seat load 140 lbs.
Minimum front seat load (w/o oxygen bottle installed 147 lbs.
Maximum Front Seat Load Not specified. Comply with max useful load.
Maximum Bagage Compartment Load Not specified. Comply with max useful load.
Air Speeds
Maximum Speed calm air Vne 130 kts
Maximum Speed to Deploy Spoilers Vbs 130 kts
Maneuvering Speed Va 78 kts
Maximum Aerotow Speed Vt 78 kts
Maximum Ground Launch Speed 70 kts
Minimum recommended approach speed Vref 53 kts
Maximum crosswind component Not specified
Without Dive Brakes With Divebrakes
Stall Speeds 33 kts 36 kts
Minimum Sink 40 kts
Best L/D ~35/1 46 kts

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