Grob 103 Twin II, 4446Y, Performance Summary

The data on this page are gathered from the factory published owners manual and are deemed to be correct.
However, it is the pilots sole responsibility to verify and fly the a/c within the limits of factory published information.
Weight and Balance
Empty Weight 886 lbs.
Maximum Weight 1279 lbs.
Maximum Useful Load 393 lbs.
Minimum front seat load for all flights* 154* lbs.
Maximum Front Seat Load 242 lbs.
Maximum Rear Seat Load 242 lbs.
Maximum Bagage Compartment Load 22 lbs.
Trim Weights must be installed if front seat load is less than 154 lbs.
Front Seat Pilot Weight 121-137 lbs 138-153 lbs
Number of Trim Weights 2 1
Air Speeds
Maximum Speed calm air Vne 135 Kts
Maximum Speed to Deploy Spoilers V 135 Kts
Maneuvering Speed Va 92 Kts
Maximum Aerotow Speed Vt 92 Kts
Minimum recommended approach speed Vref 51 Kts
Maximum crosswind component V 11 Kts
Stall Speeds Without Dive Brakes With Divebrakes
Solo 36 Kts 40 Kts
Dual 40 Kts 46 Kts
Flying in rain raises stall speeds by 6 Kts. With wet wings increase take-off and approach speeds accordingly.
True airspeed is greater than indicated at altitude. Vne decreases according to the following table.
Altitude 0-10,000' 13,000' 16,000' 19,000'
Vne 135 Kts 121 Kts 115 Kts 109 Kts
Speeds to Fly Solo Dual
Minimum Sink 43 Kts 46 Kts
Best L/D ~36/1 51 Kts 57 Kts

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