About Us

The Utah Soaring Association is a 80+ member club operating out of four airports:

  • Heber City Airport (Russ McDonald Field)
  • Morgan County Airport
  • Logan Cache Airport
  • Nephi Municipal Airport
We are an active flying club and social organization dedicated to facilitating gliders for club member personal use and glider flight instruction for both new and transition power pilots.


The Association currently has six sailplanes, three Grob 103 Twin Astir, two Grob 103 Twin II and a recently donated Pilatus B4-PC11. See Club Ships

Membership Requirements

Membership requires an initial fee, yearly dues, and volunteer service.


The benefits of joining are many, but a few include: inexpensive flying, access to well-maintained, good performance aircraft for either learning to fly gliders or for your own soaring enjoyment, great friendships, and the ideal soaring conditions of Utah.

Contact Us
Please see the Board of Directors & Contacts page.