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First 2015 Board Meeting

The first meeting of the newly elected board will be held on Tuesday night, February 10th at 6pm. If you want to participate, the location will be at Bruno Vassel's house. His address may be found on the USA Calendar listing of the event.

Annual Meeting

The annual meeting was held on Saturday, January 31 at the Westminster College. The meeting started at 1:00pm and ran approximately 4 hours. Drinks and pizza were provided.

During the meeting there was a presentation of the general financial condition of the club as well as a summary of the recent membership poll. You may view a document containing the slides of the presentation by following the link:

Annual Meeting Presentation

Elected To The Board

New officers of the board of directors were voted into position during the annual meeting. Visit the Board Of Directors page for the results! Congratulations to our new directors, and thanks for volunteering your time and energy to our club. The remaining appointed positions will be filled at the next board of directors meeting.

Passenger Limited Liability Release

The pilot in command has the ultimate responsibility for the operation of the glider. Our club insurance provides one layer of protection and the purchase of a personal non-owner policy will provide additional protection. A limited liability release document is another method to provide yourself and the club an additional layer of protection from legal actions arising due to an incident while flying with a non-club member. The club encourages to use of an additonal non-owner insurance policy, as well as the use of a limited liability document. Click here for an example of such a document.

Weigh Your Glider!

There is still time to get your glider weighed this season! Earlier this year Stan McGrew aquired aircraft scales and in the interest of safety he is offering free weighing services to any club member! This is a huge benefit to our club. One imortant item - Don't even think of asking Stan to let the scales out of his sight! E-mail Stan McGrew to make an appointment now.

Nephi Events

Both of the Nephi based events sponsored by the Utah Soaring association for 2014 have concluded. Visit the Nephi links on the left side menu for summaries. Thank you to all who put in thier time and energy. These events were both great successes. The OLC Camp for 2015 has been announced, and registration has been opened. If you want to volunteer work at the event next year, please contact a Board member to express your interest. We have world class soaring where we live and these events help showcase our playground! More information about the 2015 event will be announced soon.

Event Calendar

Our site has now a publicly visible calendar which can by synced with your local calendar. All club related events will posted here.

Airport Status

The 2014 soaring season has come to a close. Tows are still available at Logan Cache Valley Airport for those of you with personal gliders.

Glider Status

All USA gliders are in storage for the winter.

Trailer Towing

In order to help prepare for trailer towing, we have develped the following guidelines. Select the link below for the appropriate trailer.
Trailer #1 Towing Checklist
Trailer #2 Towing Checklist
Trailer #3 Towing Checklist

New Maintenance Procedures

The club is constantly making efforts to better communicate and track maintenance issues with the gliders. We have a new procedure which will go into effect for the 2014 soaring season. document for details.

New Flight Log Procedures

In order to better track glider usage there is a new and improved flight log installed in the gliders. Look for a zippered pouch that contains the Flight Manual, Weight and Balance information, the new Maintenance Items Log as well as the new Flight Log. The Maintenance Items Log has the contact information for the glider stewards at each airport the club uses. Also, please continue to fill out the log accurately for each flight. Thanks!

Soaring Season 2015 Training Program
We are now accepting applications for the 2015 soaring season training program. If you are interested contact Email Bruno.

To learn more about our program check out Learn to Fly and Flight Training

Currently we still have open slots.