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Utah Soaring Association
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Utah Soaring Association is a large club with four different soaring locations in Northern Utah. The club provides basic and advanced instruction as well as multiple gliders for member use. Annual events such as an OLC Camp and regional/national competitions are also sponsored by the association.


Winch Launch Operations and Guidelines Published

Look on the Flight Training page to read the new information about winch launch training. If you intend to engage in any winching activity as a volunteer, student or observer, make sure you are familiar with all of the winch related material on the Flight Training page.

Passenger Limited Liability Release

The pilot in command has the ultimate responsibility for the operation of the glider. Our club insurance provides one layer of protection and the purchase of a personal non-owner policy will provide additional protection. A limited liability release document is another method to provide yourself and the club an additional layer of protection from legal actions arising due to an incident while flying with a non-club member. The club encourages to use of an additonal non-owner insurance policy, as well as the use of a limited liability document. Click here for an example of such a document.

SLC ATC Documents and Maps

Documents outlining procedures for communicating with SLC ATC and maps for folks to use in their cockpits.

Maintenance Procedures

Please familiarize yourself with the club maintenance communication policies. See this document for details.

New Flight Log Procedures

Look for a zippered pouch that contains the Flight Manual, Weight and Balance information, the Maintenance Items Log as well as the Flight Log. The Maintenance Items Log has the contact information for the glider stewards at each airport the club uses. Also, please continue to fill out the log accurately for each flight. Thanks!